What is the Mission of Hope Ministry?

      The ministry is a work set forth by the Word of God in the heart and spirit of Evelyn Pennington.  It is a ministry of love for God and for His people.  Through much pain and suffering, the Holy Spirit has worked a divine love in Evelyn's heart.  She, in return, reproduces that love in the hearts of others by God's Word.  She has three laws that she and all the people in the Mission Outreach try to live. She has one law, love.  One book, the bible.  One creed, Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Ghost.

     God raised the Mission up after Evelyn was miraculously healed from many diseases of mind, body, and soul.  For more information, see Evelyn's testimony of how God healed and restored her life after many years of manic depression and rejection.  It will lift your faith and give your mind a new hope to give others on your mission in this life.


 Because He Lives,

 Evelyn Pennington

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